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A Beautiful E commerce Website Solution

CMST knows that to survive on the internet, you need a website that works and looks great to your visitors.

CMST is a new business started in November of 2016 with the goal of supplying wide body kits for vehicles in the automotive performance community. To aid in that effort online Fox Digital was contacted.

We are currently in the process of building an E commerce website for CMST that will meet their needs and the needs of their customers by providing a WordPress website that allows CMST to sell their products and showcase how they can improve the vehicles they are made for.

While the website is still in the stages of being built we have already created the social media accounts for CMST and started building a viewer base and building interesting the brand and products that are available for viewers.

What we did for CMST

E commerce Website Design & Development

SEO Optimization

Social Media Optimization