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Content marketing in Arizona

Content Marketing Strategies

Best practices of Content Marketing for your needs

Content marketing at its’ core is the creation of relevant information that internet users are searching for. This information appeals to both website visitors and the search engines the visitors use. However, content marketing isn’t as simple as writing up a few blog posts and posting them to your social media profiles.

“Content is king in the digitally connected world.”

At Fox Digital we whole heartedly believe in the above quote. Without content how would information be shared? Your brand is the teacher and you have knowledge about your products and services that are in desperate need of sharing. To make your brand the best teacher it can be you need to start with a solid content strategy.

Fox Digital Content Creation Focus:

  • The initial priority is to create content that bring traffic to your website.
  • Once the initial round of content posts has generated enough data we can start building content that allows us to turn future content into a base for repeat visitors who will continue to come back to your website.
  • With your audience established, out final stage in the Fox Digital content marketing campaign deals with maximizing conversions of your new readers.

Fox Digital Content Creation Offerings:

  • Detail Site Content Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Case Study
  • Whitepapers
  • Newsletters
  • Infographic Creation
  • Ghostwritten Blog Content
  • Video Creation
  • Ebooks and white papers related to your industry
  • Internal Link Development
  • Search Engine Optimization of Content
  • Bi-weekly or monthly reporting on content strategy

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Frequently Asked Question About Content Marketing

Typically, it takes around 6 months to see results.

Of course, our services are custom tailored to compliment your business to meet your goals.

Modern SEO requires more than creating keyword rich anchor text. We as humans learn by being taught. Ask yourself how your brand can become the best teacher it can be? It starts with a content strategy.