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Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Best practices of Social Media Marketing for your needs

Social Media is no longer a new buzz word that marketers are throwing at clients in hopes that they will pick up on a new service. Businesses now understand the significant impact available from services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and the many more networks available. However, in managing all of these accounts we have to ask, are you using a strategic plan? Are you using a plan that is measurable?

The Three Foundations of Social Media Marketing

  1. Strategy – Listening is where it all begins. We will sit down with you to listen and asses your market perception, then we develop a strategic framework to build reputation management, staff training around social media, content development and crisis management.
  2. Engagement – With the strategic approach in place, we develop methods for that enable customer conversations through outreach, ambassador programs, social applications and platforms.
  3. Analytics – Conversations about your company on social media are much more than mere conversations. They are key drivers in your funnel that impact areas such as revenue, traffic and market share. Using analytics software, we deliver analysis and insights that will help to drive better decision with your social media marketing.

“People are investing in brands they can relate to. Be relatable.”

At Fox Digital we help companies engage their customers using social media by helping them to build their strategic plan. To do this we find where your customers are online and what they are already talking about. You might think that once the conversations have been found that you should jump right in and cause a disruption by using old methods like direct marketing. Such a tactic is no longer the case, marketing today is a two-way street. We want to make sure that you understand not only how to connect with your customers but what technology they are using such as wikis, blogs, forums, Instagram, Twitter, customer feedback platforms, or any other number of platforms.

Fox Digital Social Media Marketing Services Cover the Following:

  • Strategy and Program development
  • Social media management (weekly content distribution, quarterly campaigns and customer engagement)
  • Social Media contest and promotions (we sit down with you to ascertain what promotions and contests work best for your company)
  • Customer Community Mapping (identify existing networks of customers for optimal interaction)
  • Conversational marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Monitoring and Reporting (reports created either bi-weekly or monthly)

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